On the 16th of August, 2021, our Challenger 605 aircraft, BLVA, conducted a medical retrieval training flight. The flight was part of the annual training for Air Medical Officers (AMO) and Air Medical Nursing Officers (AMNO); and simulated an emergency scenario, where a Hong Kong resident suffering from a serious head injury in a foreign country, having already undergone a brain surgery and tracheostomy, required emergency air medical retrieval back to Hong Kong.

Our fixed-wing aircraft is capable of providing air medical services, and can house a full medical bed, oxygen bottles, along with essential equipment such as the infusion pumps, CPR machine, and patient monitor.

As seen in the photos below, our team of medics were carrying out various medical procedures to stablise the dummy patient, including administering necessary medication, inserting a catheter, and closely monitoring his vitals. Our air crewmen officers were also on standby in the cabin to ensure the safety of all persons on board and were ready to render assistance to the AMO and AMNO.