GFS collaborated with Caritas Youth and Community Service to organize a series of job-shadowing visits, with the aim of providing career insight to Non-Chinese Speaking students from different secondary schools. The program comprises four days of eye-opening experiences and was designed to provide life planning guidance to a total of 80 S4-S6 Non-Chinese speaking students.

Throughout the day, students had the opportunity to expand their horizons by interacting with GFS pilots, aircrewman officers, aircraft technicians and engineers. The program not only exposed students to a variety of career paths, but also gave them valuable insights into the day-to-day responsibilities and tasks of GFS.

The program gave students a chance to ask questions and receive guidance from GFS officers. Students could gain a deeper understanding of the qualifications, skills, and experience required for these careers and helped them make more informed decisions about their future.

As one of the participants said, "After the simulated rescue experience, I realized I am not that afraid of heights, so I could consider Air Crewman Officer as my future career path."