On last Saturday (18 May), our officers from Government Flying Service and members of the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps visited the "Safe Community Hub" established by the "Inter-departmental Counter-terrorism Unit".

The experience hall, themed around counter-terrorism, features six different exhibition areas and interactive experiences, including virtual reality, augmented reality, sensory interaction, interactive holographic installations, and simulated flights, among others. As cadet members played and enjoyed the installations, we delved deep into understanding the counter-terrorism efforts of various departments, learning and applying techniques such as "evade and report suspicions." The group of members was highly engaged and delighted, and there were many photo-worthy spots within the hall.

Finally, we watched a video with special effects in the "Interactive Theatre", simulating scenarios that felt incredibly realistic. This experience allowed the youths to comprehend how to mitigate the risks of terrorist attacks, thereby enhancing our awareness and ability to respond to counter-terrorism.