As of 07:00 on 28 May 2012, all flying operations by the Government Flying Service (GFS) will be transferred from our current heliport at Hung Hing Road to the heliport at Expo Drive East, next to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Expo Drive East, next to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Please refer to the map and photos as shown below.


One passenger waiting room and four car parking spaces are available. If large vans or lorries are to be used, clients should submit such request with the booking so that special arrangements can be made. The heliport is next to the Wan Chai Ferry Terminal and the Bauhinia Square Bus Terminal if public transport is required.


As the heliport is next to a major tourist attraction, it will inevitably affect the tourists nearby if helicopters are sitting on the helipad with rotors running. To assist in the noise abatement measures, clients are advised to ensure their arrival of at least 15 minutes before the boarding time for safety briefing and boarding.


To ensure the security of the facility, access will only be granted to those named on the tasking request on production of a photo ID. The only exception will be Emergency Services Staff carrying out their duties during Emergency Response.