Inter-departmental Counter Terrorism Exercise "POWERSKY"

In recent years, the volatile and rapidly evolving terrorist landscape poses a heightened threat to the global security. To ensure that Hong Kong’s counter terrorism capability and preparedness are adequate and be enhanced continuously, the Inter-departmental Counter Terrorism Unit (ICTU) was set up in April 2018 under the coordination of the Security Bureau. ICTU comprises members from six disciplined services, including the Hong Kong Police Force, the Immigration Department, the Customs and Excise Department, the Correctional Services Department, the Fire Services Department and the Government Flying Service.

In order to enhance the coordination amongst ICTU and its member departments on CT intelligence and response, and to enhance public awareness on CT, ICTU organized a major inter-departmental CT exercise, codenamed "POWERSKY".


Second wind for retired plane

Most retired aircraft end up on the scrapheap. But the Government Flying Service has bequeathed one of its old workhorses to the community, to give the public an accessible keepsake of Hong Kong's aviation history.

The Jetstream 41 fixed-wing plane was part of the GFS fleet for 17 years before it was retired in 2016. It was used for search and rescue missions, medical evacuations, law enforcement and aerial surveying.

Recently, it was given a permanent resting place in Kai Tak Runway Park to play a new role - educating the public.


"Cool Met Stuff" : Aviators - Typhoon

In order to ensure aircraft safety on ground, Government Flying Service has a series of procedures to prevent the aircraft from being damaged during extreme weather conditions. In this episode of the "Cool Met Stuff", we will introduce to you our precautionary procedures for the typhoon season.

This episode is now available at the "Cool Met Stuff" channel on the Observatory webpage and "MyObservatory" mobile application (programme is broadcasted in Cantonese). Enjoy the show!

You are welcomed to view the broadcast of "Cool Met Stuff" from the following link:

Please also refer to the following webpage for the broadcast schedule of television stations:


"Cool Met Stuff" : Aviators - Training

Government Flying Service (GFS) and the Hong Kong Observatory have jointly produced an episode of a series of educational programs, "Cool Met Stuff" to introduce to the public the GFS’s work as well as to enhance public's understanding on meteorology.

A new episode is now available at the "Cool Met Stuff" channel on the Observatory webpage and "MyObservatory" mobile application (programme is broadcast in Cantonese).

In this episode, our pilots and aircrewmen officers will show you parts of their daily duties as well as a typical Search and Rescue training flight. You will discover that the weather information provided by the Hong Kong Observatory has an essential role in our operations.

Enjoy the show!

You are welcomed to view the broadcast of "Cool Met Stuff" from the following link:

Please also refer to the following webpage for the broadcast schedule of television stations:


"CLAP for Youth@JC" program

Youngsters aged 15 to 21 from the "CLAP for Youth@JC" program was orgainsed by the Hong Kong Jockey Club visited Hong Kong Government Flying Service (HKGFS) in April.

Our aircrew shared with them the vision, mission and value of HKGFS, alongside with detailed introduction of the Search and Rescue, Air Ambulance, Fire Fighting mission as well as HKGFS’s supporting role to other government departments. We hope, through this visit, to kindle the youngsters’ interest in aviation and encourage them to explore the possibilities of joining the sector, especially HKGFS in future.


The Legislative Council Panel on Security visited the Government Flying Service

The Legislative Council Panel on Security conducted a visit to the Government Flying Service on 7th October, 2015 to better understand its operation and the emergency services provided. Members first visited the Maintenance Information and Control Centre and received a briefing on the work of GFS. Members then toured the Hanger to better understand the equipment of different types of aircraft. Members also visited the Air Command and Control Centre and were briefed by the representatives of GFS on the flight dispatch and supervisory roles of the Command Centre. Before concluding the visit, Members met with the frontline staff to learn more about their daily work.


The Vice-Governor of the People's Government of Guangdong Province and Director of the Guangdong Provincial Maritime Search and Rescue Centre, Mr Liu Zhigeng, visited the Government Flying Service

The Vice-Governor of the People's Government of Guangdong Province and Director of the Guangdong Provincial Maritime Search and Rescue Centre, Mr Liu Zhigeng, along with the officials of the Guangdong Provincial Communications Department and the Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration visited the Government Flying Service on 23rd September 2015.

Mr Liu expressed appreciation and gratitude for the long range rescue provided by the GFS of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, in particular for two maritime rescue operations on 21st July 2015 in which the GFS rescued 20 Chinese crew members from two vessels in distress.


Examination of Estimates of Expenditure 2015-16 Controlling Officers' Reply to initial Written Questions


Government Flying Service assisted in a fire in Tai O fishing village

A fire broke out in Tai O fishing village on Lantau Island at 15:07 on 2nd May 2013. As the fire scene was remote and difficult to be reached by fire boats and fire engines, the Fire Services Department (FSD) requested assistance from the Government Flying Service (GFS). The GFS launched a Super Puma helicopter for water bombing. Several stilt houses at Tai O village were covered in severe flames and dense smoke when the helicopter arrived on scene. It was reported that some liquefied petroleum gas cylinders exploded causing the flames. Also, there were intensive stilt houses surrounding the fire scene. These factors increased the difficulty for the fire fighting. Through a good communication with the on-scene commander from the FSD, the helicopter precisely dropped four buckets of water over the flames. The fire was under control at 16:49 and the helicopter returned to the GFS headquarters. Finally, the fire was extinguished before 17:00.


Government Flying Service underslung a bomb near Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir

A bomb was found near Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir by a hiker on the afternoon of 12th March 2013. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau (EOD) of the Hong Kong Police Force confirmed that the bomb was not dangerous and suspected to be left during the Second World War. As the bomb was heavy and weighted 250 kg, it was not easy to be removed from its location which was a slope and surrounded by trees. Hence, the EOD requested assistance from the Government Flying Service (GFS). On 13th March, GFS sent a Super Puma helicopter to undersling the bomb from its location to the base of EOD at Jardine’s Lookout.


1 July 2012 - 15th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR - Fly Past


The HKCEC Heliport will be put into service starting from 28 May 2012

As of 07:00 on 28 May 2012, all flying operations by the Government Flying Service (GFS) will be transferred from our current heliport at Hung Hing Road to the heliport at Expo Drive East, next to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Expo Drive East, next to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Please refer to the map and photos as shown below.

One passenger waiting room and four car parking spaces are available.
If large vans or lorries are to be used, clients should submit such request with the booking so that special arrangements can be made. The heliport is next to the Wan Chai Ferry Terminal and the Bauhinia Square Bus Terminal if public transport is required.

As the heliport is next to a major tourist attraction, it will inevitably affect the tourists nearby if helicopters are sitting on the helipad with rotors running. To assist in the noise abatement measures, clients are advised to ensure their arrival of at least 15 minutes before the boarding time for safety briefing and boarding.

To ensure the security of the facility, access will only be granted to those named on the tasking request on production of a photo ID. The only exception will be Emergency Services Staff carrying out their duties during Emergency Response.


Government Flying Service orders two Challenger 605 aircraft

Government Flying Service (GFS) is pleased to announce that Bombardier Aerospace has been awarded the tender to deliver two Challenger 605 aircraft to GFS. With a maximum range of 4000 nm (7408 km) and maximum cruising speed of 470 kts (870 km/h), we believe the two new aircraft will be able to further enhance our capability in Long-Range search and rescue and other special mission applications. Its multi-role adaptability will also provide us with greater flexibility in our daily operations. We look forward to the delivery of the two new aircraft.

The picture below shows the Challenger 605 aircraft in a tentative colour scheme.


Air Monitoring Joint Operation with The Hong Kong Observatory

On 21 March 2011, the Hong Kong Observatory and Government Flying Service conducted a Joint Operation to measure and monitor the radiation level in Hong Kong.


The Hong Kong Life Saving Society – Life Saving Star Award

The Director of Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Mrs. Betty Fung Ching Suk-yee JP, officiated at the Water Safety Campaign 2009 Rescue Star & Honorary Lifeguard Incentive Scheme Presentation Ceremony on 29 May 2010. A total of 129 people who saved other peoples lives in different situations were commended, amongst them Acting Aircrewman Officer II Mr. Philip Ho from the Government Flying Service, who was honored with the 'Life Saving Star Award' for his actions during the rescue of 4 sailors in distress, 67 Nautical miles North East of Hong Kong waters on 2 February 2010.

After a rigorous adjudication process, it was announced that the Government Flying Service was the most outstanding team, and was awarded the Chairman's Trophy. The GFS rescue team was awarded the Trophy in recognition of the exemplary act of gallantry displayed during the same rescue mission on 2 February 2010.

On 2 Feb 2010, the GFS rescue helicopter crewed by Captain Ellen Yan, Captain James Sze, winch-operator Mr. Kenny Cheng and winchman Mr. Philip Ho departed Hong Kong for four sailors in distress, 67 nautical miles Northeast of HK. The on-scene weather was extremely poor with visibility down to 2 km, cloud base at around 500 feet, wind up to 35 knots and a sea swell up to 5 meters. The team located the survivors in a rough and unforgiving sea. Mr. Ho was lowered into the water and successfully rescued all of the survivors. One of the survivors was unconscious, was not breathing and had no pulse. After 30 minutes of continuous cardiac-pulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation, the survivor regained consciousness and was transferred to hospital for medical treatment.

The key to the success of the mission was the spirit of GFS – excellent crew cooperation and Crew Resource Management.


National Day 2009 - Fly Past


Award of 2009 Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme – Team Award - Specialised Service Award

The Acting Chief Executive, Mr Henry Tang, commended and congratulated the winning departments and teams for their commitment to service excellence, keeping Hong Kong as a city of quality life, when officiating at the prize presentation ceremony of the 2009 Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme on 29 September 2009. Government Flying Service won the Champion of the Team Award - Specialised Service Award.

In his address, Mr Tang spoke highly of the outstanding achievements of the winning departments and teams. He quoted two cases of exemplary service, including the project of intercepting drains at the Queen's Road Central and the Sichuan disaster relief operation in 2008, which amply demonstrated the pursuit of excellence and people-based culture of the civil service.

The Champion's commendable features: The GFS responded promptly after the 12 May Sichuan Devastating Earthquake had occurred. In their first-time venture into unfamiliar, far-flung regions for rescue missions, the crew fully proved their team spirit and determination. Constantly faced by great risks, the flying crews and the engineering support personnel overcame the ever-changing conditions of the quake-stricken areas and succeeded in accomplishing their rescue missions.


GFS and US Air Force Pre SAREX Exercise


Vice-President Xi Jinping met with members of government departments that had taken part in search and rescue efforts in Sichuan after the May 12 earthquake at the Government Flying Service hangar.


SAREX with US Naval Ship

On 28th July 2007, a US Naval ship hosted the Hong Kong Government Flying Service for a joint search and rescue exercise 40 kilometers south of Hong Kong, involving one Jetstream aeroplane and one superpuma helicopter. The GFS helicopter carried out landing practice and a rescue winching exercise with the US Naval Ship. This is the first time a GFS helicopter practiced rescue winching from a US Naval Ship.