Government Flying Service

Total number of callouts in 2021
As at: 30.11.2021
Air Ambulance
Fire Fighting
Rescue Missions
Weekly Update
Search and Rescue
This Week
  1. Trauma cases include physical injury (head injury, sprained ankle, leg fracture, etc) and burn injury.
  2. Medical cases include heat exhaustion/stroke, collapsed, stroke, etc.
  3. Others include other injuries, aerial search and support, lost way, etc.

Preliminary figure, finalized case number will be reflected in GFS Controlling Officer's Report.

When saving lives, every second counts
To avoid any delay on the GFS"s search-and-rescue missions and for your own safety, when you are in close vicinity of our rescue operation, please:
1.Stay away from the helicopter;
2.Observe our PA announcement and follow the instructions;
3.Land your drone or fly it away immediately;
4.Be aware the strong downwash of the helicopter and secure your loose objects, e.g. cap, umbrella, etc.
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