Date Title
22-05-2024 Visit at the "Safe Community Hub"
15-04-2024 GFS Open Day promotes National Security Education Day
12-03-2024 Memorandum of Administrative Arrangements Signing Ceremony with the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps
20-12-2023 C919 Aircraft Flight Demonstration over Victoria Harbour
05-06-2023 Caritas Job-shadowing program
31-01-2023 《Aviation Day》
19-11-2022 Youth Uniform Group Leader visited the GFS
01-11-2022 Storm chasing - Probing weather data near Severe Tropical Storm Nalgae
01-10-2022 Timing is everything - and it is especially true in formation flypast.
08-07-2022 The First Landing on the Third Runway of the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)
02-07-2022 Long-Range SAR on 2nd July
01-07-2022 25th Anniversary of Establishment of the HKSAR Grand Flypast
24-11-2021 Mountaineering Safety Promotion Campaign 2021
12-11-2021 QUICKSKILL 2021
29-10-2021 【Cross-department Rescue Exercise TKO Cross Bay Link Industrial Accident】
24-08-2021 Medical Retrieval Exercise
23-08-2021 【Cross-disciplined Forces Training Programme for Ethnic Minority Youth】
18-08-2021 Secretary for the Civil Service visited the Government Flying Service
18-07-2021 Collecting weather data near the tropical depression
11-07-2021 Windshear detection at HKIA
10-07-2021 "Teen Talk" program
02-01-2021 RTHK - #GovernmentFlyingService
01-01-2021 RTHK Program " 精靈一點 : 健康人物專訪- 飛行任務 "
03-08-2020 Police Magazine: Weekly Topic – Mountain Rescue
21-06-2019 Emergency Services • Coming to Your Rescue by Sea, Land and Air • Chapter 3 of 3: Air
10-05-2019 "Cool Met Stuff" : Aviators - Tracing Radiation in the Air
13-07-2018 Second wind for retired plane
30-06-2017 "Cool Met Stuff" : Aviators - Typhoon
30-06-2017 "Cool Met Stuff" : Aviators - Training
16-08-2016 "CLAP for Youth@JC" program
01-01-2016 Government Flying Service New Member - Challenger 605 Aircraft
07-10-2015 The Legislative Council Panel on Security visited the Government Flying Service
23-09-2015 The Vice-Governor of the People's Government of Guangdong Province and Director of the Guangdong Provincial Maritime Search and Rescue Centre, Mr Liu Zhigeng, visited the Government Flying Service
01-06-2015 Examination of Estimates of Expenditure 2015-16 Controlling Officers' Reply to initial Written Questions
02-05-2013 Government Flying Service assisted in a fire in Tai O fishing village
12-03-2013 Government Flying Service underslung a bomb near Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir
01-07-2012 1 July 2012 - 15th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR - Fly Past
28-05-2012 The HKCEC Heliport will be put into service starting from 28 May 2012
05-11-2011 Government Flying Service orders two Challenger 605 aircraft
21-03-2011 Air Monitoring Joint Operation with The Hong Kong Observatory
29-05-2010 The Hong Kong Life Saving Society – Life Saving Star Award
01-10-2009 National Day 2009 - Fly Past
29-09-2009 Award of 2009 Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme – Team Award - Specialised Service Award
01-11-2008 GFS and US Air Force Pre SAREX Exercise
08-07-2008 Vice-President Xi Jinping met with members of government departments that had taken part in search and rescue efforts in Sichuan after the May 12 earthquake at the Government Flying Service hangar.
28-07-2007 SAREX with US Naval Ship